BMW unveils new iDrive infotainment system

BMW unveils new iDrive infotainment system

BMW unveils new iDrive infotainment system

BMW is currently working on an iDrive 8 update that raises the version number to iDrive 8.5 and adds some new features.

The German company BMW updated its infotainment system “iDrive” with design inspiration from the ever-changing world of smart phones, and the company called BMW 8.5 on the new system, while it is widely known among consumers as iDrive 8.5 and so we will call it!

The new system update gets a wide range of features, including a new home screen designed to be more clear and easy to use, and the German company has redesigned the graphics to improve them.

Still running Linux, the new system gets a home screen with customizable graphics, which means that the consumer will be able to rearrange icons to their own liking, just as they would on a smartphone or PC.

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The scheme of the system seems to be much simpler than before, and now features what is called the “zero layer” where users can easily access the function they are looking for instead of entering branching sub-menus. And a feature like this one lets you turn on the seat heating with a quick tap on the screen rather than diving into branching sub-menus to do so.

There is also a QuickSelect feature that reduces the number of presses you need to access a specific menu. BMW said these updates will make the new iDrive system faster and easier to use while reducing driver distraction. But we'll have to wait and see for ourselves to give you the full result, especially since iDrive 8 wasn't up to par or easy for a lot of people.

BMW unveils new iDrive infotainment system 1

The German company said that it will introduce the new iDrive 8.5 infotainment system in the following cars, starting next summer: (Series 7 - iX - i4 - X5 - X6 - X7 - XM). The company added that customers who have already purchased one of these cars can easily get the update from iDrive 8 to iDrive 8.5.

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