Green fuel manufacturing begins in Egypt

 Green fuel manufacturing begins in Egypt

The Senate Energy and Environment Committee led a meeting to discuss business developments and negotiations conducted by the Suez Canal Economic Zone with international alliances and companies in the green fuel projects sector.

  The meeting discussed the future vision of the green hydrogen industry in the economic zone, especially after the success achieved during the Climate Conference held in Sharm El-Sheikh last November, where the Suez Canal Economic Zone signed 9 framework agreements with major international companies to localize the green fuel industry within the zone. In addition to the opening of the first green hydrogen plant within the Sokhna industrial zone of the authority.

The authority signed 23 memorandums of understanding with major international entities, 9 of which were converted into framework agreements to make the region a center for the green fuel industry, as a result of the capabilities it possesses within its industrial zones and affiliated ports overlooking the Red and Mediterranean Bahrain, where integration between industrial zones, ports and equipped infrastructure And easy access to the European market, which is the main market for consuming this type of fuel.

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Launching some projects in conjunction with manufacturing green fuels

The strategy towards localizing the green hydrogen industry is based on 3 main axes, namely the manufacture of green fuel from green hydrogen, green ammonia, and ethanol, as well as the provision of industries complementing the green hydrogen industries such as electrolyzers, solar panels, turbines, and other industries that the Authority is currently working on offering some Its projects are for investors to establish in conjunction with the implementation of green fuel projects, because the localization of complementary and feeding industries contributes significantly to reducing the cost of the final product and supports its competitiveness.

The head of the Suez Canal Economic Zone also announced the imminent provision of ship catering services and marine services through the region's ports, during next April, in addition to catering services for ships with green fuel, which is expected to start its activity during the year 2026, indicating that the goal of signing memorandums of understanding is to give the signing parties the opportunity to Studying project implementation mechanisms and conducting comprehensive feasibility studies that will achieve the public interest of all parties.

Attracting diversified investments

Work has been done to approve special incentives for the green fuel industries, to which the Council of Ministers attaches great importance and support to accelerate work to issue these incentives, which would attract various investments in this field, adding that the companies with which memorandums of understanding were signed conducted market studies and comparisons, and found excellence. Egypt, with its geographical location and the advantages it possesses in terms of energy, infrastructure, and easy access to African and European markets, has made it the focus of everyone’s attention in becoming a leading regional center for green fuel industries, pointing to the ongoing studies regarding offering projects to investors to establish industries complementary to green fuel projects, such as water desalination plants and industrial Solar panels, stressing that the authority takes into account all environmental requirements in such projects, according to international standards and sound scientific foundations.

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