Learn about the most famous German cars in Egypt

 Learn about the most famous German cars in Egypt

German cars are among the most famous and most beloved cars among the Egyptian consumer, due to the luxury and power they offer, in addition to distinctive equipment, stability on the road and a high level of safety, in addition to social appearance and other factors. In this report, we will show you the most important and famous German cars in the Egyptian market. , and loved by the Egyptian consumer.

Opel cars

Opel is one of the most famous and most beloved cars among the Egyptian consumer, especially since the nineties, in which beloved cars such as the Vectra sedan and Corsa hatchback appeared for the first time, and success continued in the 2000s, and until the present time, after presenting distinguished cars such as the first and second generation Insignia, and the Astra, which It continued even after stopping its global production, and the cars that the company currently offers such as Corsa, Mokka, Grand Land and Crossland, whose prices start from 760,000 and reach 1,040,000 million pounds.

Skoda cars

Although Skoda cars are not of German origin, rather the company was established in the Czech Republic, but it is owned by the Volkswagen Group from the nineties, and it uses the same building base and engines as Volkswagen cars, and Skoda cars are very popular, especially for German cars, because of what they offer A good level of reliability compared to Opel cars, with distinctive equipment and good design, and among the most famous Skoda cars presented in the 1990s are the Octavia and Felicia, and among the most popular cars presented are the Kodiaq, Superb, and others, whose prices start from 1,550,000 and reach 1,900,000 million pounds.

Learn about the most famous German cars in Egypt

BMW cars

Among the most beloved German cars among the Egyptian consumer, especially the youth category, are BMW cars, due to the distinctive driving experience they offer, and the possibility of purchasing them with huge engines consisting of six or eight cylinders, with huge adaptability, and one of its most famous cars is the third category E36 , and E46 and others, and BMW cars are very popular despite their average level of reliability, especially with cars presented in the 2000s, and BMW cars are currently offered in Egypt through Global Auto, and they offer a number of distinctive traditional and fully electric cars, with prices starting from 1.295 000, up to 7,400,000 million pounds.

Mercedes-Benz cars

I can say that Mercedes-Benz is one of the most famous German brands in Egypt and the world in general, due to what it offers of a distinguished level of luxury even in its old cars, in addition to the unprecedented reliability for German cars, and of course with distinctive equipment ahead of its time, and one of the most famous cars presented in The eighties and nineties of the last century is the "Zalmoukah", and among the most famous cars currently presented is the new generation of the S Class, and a large number of crossover cars, in addition to the most famous G-Class, and the prices of Mercedes-Benz cars currently start from 1,275,000 and reach 9,920,000 one million pound.

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