Learn about the most famous Japanese car brand in Egypt

Learn about the most famous Japanese car brand in Egypt

Japanese cars are among the most famous, important and popular in many car markets around the world, due to the distinctive reliability they offer.

  Which includes the lack of breakdowns and ease of maintenance, and the possibility of relying on the car even in the event of delay in maintenance or exposure to severe driving conditions, which increased consumers' confidence in it and thus increased its popularity.

  In addition to the distinctive design of most Japanese cars, especially in the last few years, in addition to presenting distinctive sports cars from them, and for the Egyptian market there are many famous Japanese brands in it, which include Subaru and Suzuki, which have achieved huge successes during the last few years, but cars cannot be mentioned Japanese brands in Egypt, without mentioning the two most famous and popular brands, which are Honda and Toyota.

The most famous Japanese car brand in Egypt
But because we are talking about the most famous Japanese brand in the Egyptian market, we will focus in this report on Toyota, which achieves huge sales around the world in general, and in the Egyptian market in particular, but that does not include the last few years, from which Toyota has suffered from many Among the challenges and crises such as the crisis of car barriers, and its inability to provide a sufficient number to meet the market needs, which led to a decline in its sales.

Toyota Corolla
Of course, it is not possible to talk about Toyota without mentioning the Corolla, which is the most famous and best-selling in the history of the automotive industry, as the figures show that Toyota sells the Corolla every 27 seconds only around the world, and the Egyptian market is no exception, as the Corolla has witnessed huge popularity in all its generations since the eighties, As for the last and current generation, it is offered in a huge number of categories and with a lot of equipment, with prices starting from 640,000 thousand pounds and reaching 834,000 thousand pounds, and the car offers a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine that generates 120 horsepower, with 154 Newton meters of torque, and an automatic transmission. CVT, front wheel drive.

Used Toyota car prices in Egypt
Toyota Fortuner
Toyota offers a large number of cars in the Egyptian market, including the locally assembled Fortuner, which is a mid-size crossover with seven seats, and it is offered in three different trim levels, and with two engine options, the first with a four-cylinder 2.7-liter with a capacity of 163 hp, and a six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 4.0 liters with a capacity of 234 hp. , with a 6-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive, and the price starts from 1,740,000 and goes up to 1,990,000 pounds.

Toyota Belta
The Belta is one of the most famous cars that Toyota recently presented in the Egyptian market, which sparked great controversy because it is a copy of the Suzuki Ciaz presented in the Egyptian market as well. The engine is connected to a 4-cylinder automatic gearbox and a front-wheel drive system, and the price starts from 490,000 pounds and reaches 545,000 thousand pounds.
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