The Prime Minister inaugurates a logistics center for Mercedes-Benz in the industrial zone in Sokhna

The Prime Minister inaugurates a logistics center for Mercedes-Benz in the industrial zone in Sokhna

Opening a number of projects in the economic zone of the Suez Canal
Madbouly: The state is keen to encourage and attract industrial projects aimed at exporting and to create an environment conducive to their expansion and development to drive investment and support the economyContact Now

Capacity of the new Mercedes-Benz logistics center

The Prime Minister listened to an explanation from Gerd Petrelich, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Egypt, who explained that the Mercedes-Benz Logistics Center begins with this step, the actual operation, which was established at an investment cost of about 35 million pounds, on an area of 20 thousand square meters, adding that the center can handle With 12,000 cars annually, and it is planned in the future, in addition to receiving cars, the entry of spare parts, components and production requirements as well.


"Petrelich" indicated that the center has about 135 direct and indirect workers. The center includes a yard for storing cars, another for spare parts, and a maintenance workshop. It works on storage services, stock management of imported cars, maintenance services, spare parts, etc. The economic zone of the Suez Canal and major international companies, as well as meeting the needs of the local market for Mercedes cars.


The importance of the new logistics area for Mercedes-Benz

At the beginning of the tour, the Prime Minister witnessed the inauguration of the Mercedes-Benz logistics center in the industrial zone in Sokhna, where Walid Gamal El-Din explained that this project is one of the logistic centers that the economic zone is interested in having within its scope to facilitate transportation, distribution and storage of cars to and from the port of the industrial zone, in preparation for its launch. in the local market.


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State encouragement of industrial projects

The Prime Minister affirmed that this tour aims to open and inspect a number of industrial projects for the private sector, within the scope of the Suez Canal Economic Zone, which are specialized in important industries aimed at export, within the framework of the state's keenness to encourage and attract such industrial projects, and to create an environment conducive to its expansion and development to push forward investment and boosting the economy.


Supporting Egypt's Vision 2023

The head of the General Authority for the Development of the Suez Canal Economic Zone affirmed that attracting this important project comes within the efforts of the economic zone to attract major international companies to invest in all targeted sectors, and to inject various foreign investments into the ports and affiliated industrial zones, in a way that serves the economic goals of the Egyptian state and achieves the desired development. Within Egypt's Vision 2030 and in a way that enhances the optimal utilization of the region's economic resources.

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